Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why is health such a mystery?

Hello all this is my first ever blog and I am very, very afraid.  The problem is I have a true passion (which can also be spelt O-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N) with health and nutrition and once I start on the research I never seem to stop.  Given this blog to voice my views who knows where it will all lead.

On a serious note however...

My interest in health and nutrition research spans a period of about 15 years. How did I get started?  It all began with me wanting to help myself achieve my own goals with health and physical appearance.  In future posts I will tell you all about my experiences with bodybuilding, high fat diets, cycling carbs and fats, mega dosing on vitamins and much more. 

As my work career progressed I developed an uncanny ability to sniff out the truth from my experience as an insurance investigator.  Over about 8 years I learnt all about the dark side of people when it comes to money, the lies and the fraud that is rampant in society.

There is something quite disturbing when you realise even the dear little old lady sitting in front of you will lie and cheat when it comes to money and the potential of insurance pay outs!  I was completely taken aback too at how much employee theft and fraud occurs in business. At the peak of my investigative career it really seemed like the whole world was crooked. 

I then began to understand how big business and corporations enable their owners / directors to detach themselves from any guilt related to how they conduct their business.  In other words, profit is king, shareholders must be paid - to hell with the pain caused to the consumers.

To round all that off I took an interest in studying a number of scams within the gambling industry and was horrified at how smooth the scammers were and at how easy they were able to fool people. They even had the dept of fair trading fooled in one instance! This in effect was marketing at its most evil and I have to tell you, perception was everything - rather than truth.

I now believe I have a firm grasp of how the world really works when it comes to marketing of products and services, the health industry and the media.  It is not pretty!

 As many of you will realise, it is our own life experiences which often leads us down certain, unexpected paths.   People find purpose in their lives following certain life changing events. 

The final straw for me was my dear mother falling to lung cancer in Feb 2008. From diagnosis to her sad end was 6 months.  This sent my obsession into hyperdrive.  I will save the details of that experience, the challenges it raised, and the fears it confirmed, for later in this series.

I have often felt a sense of purpose in research of health and nutrition and over time I have found myself getting just plain mad.  If you cannot grasp how I could be mad then be sure to keep an eye on my future posts - and you will soon understand.  

The messages I post here into the future will represent the sum total of my research into the effects of foods, products called food but not really food, food additives, medicine, politics and vested interests on our health and understanding of what it takes to be healthy.

Unfortunately the current system benefits financially from keeping our health a big mystery.  The more complex it is, the more confused we are and the more we rely on the mainstream advice from government, large food corporations and modern medical industry to guide us.

I want to make a proposal.  I propose that health, at least maintaining health, is quite simple.  Give the body the fundamentals, the building blocks it needs and it will stay healthy, or if need be, heal itself.  Okay so this does sound simple.  However the first problem is - that most people have no idea what the fundamental building blocks are!! 

It really does all come down to what we put into our bodies.  yet, ask 100 people what a healthy diet is and I would expect a combinaton of ill informed responses - mainly the following 4.

1.  A low fat diet.
2. A low carbohydrate diet.
3. A natural diet.
4. A vegetarian diet.

All of the above diets miss the point.  There are problems, huge problems with numbers 1 and 4.  Number 2 is hard to sustain and should embrace occasional feeds of carbohydrates to round it off and manipulate your hormones to your advantage (more about that another time). 

Number 3 is very close to the mark.

However, true good health requires much more than this. Further, if you have existing health issues you must go deeper again. 

What if...
  • Saturated fats are a mainstay of good health? What if they don't cause heart disease?
  • Vitamins are far more powerful and effective than we are led to believe?
  • Minerals are more important than either of the above?  Why don't we hear much about them? 
  • Cholesterol is your friend and the "bad"cholesterol is just a part of a story made up to scare you?
Now what if...

  • Every disease and degenerative health can be reversed by proper nutrition (foods, vitamins and minerals - and yes sometimes herbs)
  • The exact same approach of building your immune system can be used to cure most diseases.
  • There are a great number of easy, accessible cures to cancer?
Good health requires we learn what nutritious food really is, the ill effect of processed foods, the requirements for vitamins and minerals and the shunning of pharmaceutical medications wherever possible.

What if I told you I had personally reversed a friend's crohns disease in 3 months where a Brisbane specialist had failed after three years of treatment.  In fact, the recommendations from the specialist medical nutritionist horrified me - but again that is a story for another time.

What if I also told you I had discovered a cancer treatment that blasts skin, breast and some other internal cancers within a week or two with a single treatment?

Stay tuned for all of these blog posts and more to come.

Yours in truth and health - Cameron

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