Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vaccine Debate or Debacle!

Hi all, I have recently revisited vaccination. I had already researched it some time ago now and satisfied myself vaccines are harmful, don't work, possibly cause the sickness in their receivers and are basically another big pharma fraud. I must say that even though I see the truth in the health industry quite clearly, even I sometimes get swept up in the mainstream lies. I sometimes have to further research topics to ensure I am correct in my belief natural cures are the only cures. The current issue I revisited was vaccines since my first baby girl arrived 3 weeks ago. Whilst avoiding most vaccines was a no brainer - Kate and I did sit on the fence for a while over the Whooping Cough vaccine. It is easy to get caught up in the fear with this one. WC is a scary illness and even if it is only a handful of kids that pass away due to the illness and it's complications, as a new parent let me assure you all that fear takes over Thus I set about refreshing myself with the research of this topic. Yes I looked at some science. Yes I looked at some news articles. Yes I looked at some forums to hear from people who have experienced good and bad with vaccines. It did not take long to decide NO to the WC vaccine. It also helped my peace of mind that I found a great natural treatment protocol from a GP who has jumped the fence. It involved vitamin c which the informed among you will know it is actually a potent miracle substance and not just the orange flavored lolly we view it as. Anyhow to wrap this up before I go on too much - I have two main points to make here. One. The vaccine topic is just as difficult to decipher as most other health confusion topics. I like to direct anyone who is trying to decide what is the truth to the bigger picture first. Learn the history of the FDA and the AMA, learn who is behind the current health industry model and follow the money. Profits come first. Cancer has many cures yet they are suppressed, eg black salve. The simple truth is that all diseases are perpetuated by the health industry to ensure maximum profits. Most studies are funded by the pharma companies and the results cannot be trusted. Why on earth would you trust vaccines. You can look even further abroad and find out for yourself the same people that are behind the fraudulent central banking systems are also behind the health industry lies. Two. I see the pro vaccine people out there are speaking up on forums and Facebook etc because they all want to protect their children from the silly cranks that don't vaccinate their kids. You can understand their motivation which is to protect their children and you should also note they are fear driven. Each of these motivations are very very strong, clearly. What about the anti-vaccine speakers? What is their motivation? They want to help others. So which of the two groups have the most noble position? Which of the two groups are more selfless and pure in their motivations? I hope you can follow me because there is a number of clear messages in that. Drugs do not cure. Nature is the only way to cure, give the body what it needs in nutrition and it heals itself. Vaccines do not offer any real level of protection. They most definitely harm at least some people. Oh and don't get me started on the SIDS side of things and the vaccine links. If you want to protect your children or yourself from diseases like WC then educate yourself very carefully and seek out the most effective natural cures you can find. Rely on nature to protect you if you embrace it's gifts of good food, vitamins and other supplements in you everyday lives.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello all

Many of you would recall how fired up I get sometimes when I see things like no full fat sour cream at the supermarket.  I also get fired up with certain media articles and one today fired me up in the Sunday Mail in QLD.  Below I have copied the article for you and then I have copied my email to the author.  Read and enjoy!!

THERE isn't enough room on this website to list all the things I don't know.
There's not even enough room in Wikipedia, which - if it were an actual book - would take you 123 years to read.
Recently, though, there's been an explosion of people with a wildly inflated sense of their own intelligence. Suddenly, everyone's an expert.
Me, not so much. I understand how little I know about lots of things. For example, I know less about science than scientists. I know less about medicine than doctors. I know less about tax than my accountant, less about cooking than Donna Hay and less about animals than Bondi Vet.
There's no shortage of genuine experts who have degrees, qualifications and years of experience in their fields. Having access to Google does not make you an expert, nor does having a website or watching a YouTube video. These things simply make you someone with an internet connection.
"Everyone's an expert today," confirms social researcher Neer Kornntsok, "partly because we feel we need to be. We receive kudos for proclaiming our definitive knowledge to others and we compete to be the first to share facts, articles and videos."
But reading some articles doesn't put you on par with a scientist and here's where it canbecome dangerous.
A few years ago, I worked with a lovely guy who had left school at 16. When his wife had their first child, he "did his research" and they decided not to vaccinate their daughter.
At the time, everyone around him insisted it was safe (and vital) but he was adamant. "I've read a lot about this and I watched this amazing video," he insisted, "Vaccinations are just a way for big companies and the government to make money."
Where do you start arguing the extreme illogic of that? Not here; I'd need more space and a wheelie bin full of rescue remedy.
 While I accept my former co-worker was a thoughtful person who meant well, I'm floored by the extraordinary assumption that he knew better than every scientist in the world _ not to mention Bill and Melinda Gates who are spending hundreds of millions of their own dollars funding vaccination programs in third-world countries to eradicate killer diseases such as  malaria.
What on earth could make a civilian believe his Google "research" is superior to decades of science?Is it arrogance?
"The internet has made expertise a mouse click away," says Korn."And a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
"Just ask any GP who has to contend with self-diagnosing patients, determined they can identify their prognosis and treatment. They address them more as colleagues than patients because they place their internet search on par with the doctor's years of expertise."
Doctors really do live this every day. One of my friends who is a medical specialist says: "You find yourself getting into these exhausting debates with patients who insist they've read something that goes against what you're telling them.
"Unless you're highly experienced, it can be extremely difficult to judge the credibility of the information you find online."
Which brings me to the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) which, despite its official-sounding name, is  in fact a group of civilian self-styled "experts" who campaign vigorously, and at times misleadingly (according to findings by the Health Care Complaints Commission), against vaccination, both on their website and in the free talks they give around Australia, sometimes to expectant parents at pre-natal classes.
While publicly peddling its anti-vaccination message, the AVN cleverly makes it sound like there are "two sides" to the vaccination debate.
In fact there aren't two sides, and there is no debate.
On one hand there is science and there is no other hand.
Because no link between vaccination and autism has ever been found. None. Ever.
What has been conclusively proven is that while they are not 100 per cent perfect, vaccines are the best and only way to protect babies and children from diseases like whooping cough that can kill them.
And the personal choice argument? Well, it's a bit like arguing that driving your car drunk is a personal choice.
You see, the lives of babies too young to be vaccinated depend on herd immunity in the rest of the community.
So the choice made by that guy I worked with didn't just affect his family. His well-intentioned yet ill-informed decision has the potential to harm my family. And yours.
Watching (or even producing) a YouTube video with some cherry-picked statistics set to rousing orchestral music is not the same as having a university degree or having your research findings peer-reviewed.
I'm baffled by this growing sense that everyone has the right _ indeed the obligation _  to challenge facts that have been established scientifically, independently and repeatedly over years, even decades.
"Do your research!" is the common faux clarion call of so-called "experts".
These exhortations are usually accompanied by a helpfullist of links to skewed, scientifically baseless articles that back up their claims. It's easy to mislead people with random graphs and alarmist statements.
I'm certainly not suggesting becoming a flock of sheep or suspending critical thought.
But I don't need to "do my research" before I vaccinate. Or before I accept  the Earth is round and that gravity exists. Scientists far smarter than I am  have already done that research and the verdict is unanimous, thanks.
 Mia Freedman is publisher of

My Email to Mia Freedman following Pro Vaccination rant in Sunday Mail 18.3.12

Dear Mia

I was disappointed to read your column in the Sunday Mail regarding Vaccination.
My background is a factual investigator dealing with lies, deceit and corporate fraud.
I also have had a passion for health and nutrition for 20 years.  I am not qualified in that field in the traditional sense, so that may make me one of the "experts" you refer to.
I have developed a finely tuned skill at being able to conduct effective research and see through lies. 
I don’t like to see a person as talented and successful as you being fooled by the medical establishment over topics like vaccination.
I can teach you how to easily determine the real truth in relation to such matters as vaccination, and even cancer cures if you open your mind for a moment.
Don’t do your own research into the science since this is confusing, is often biased and is the standard operating procedure as to how the medical establishment keep the upper hand as to what is commonly accepted as truth in medicine.  For something to cure "there must be scientific evidence" or "there needs to be double blind studies conducted" are common phrases they bandy about.  The fact of the matter is that something either cures or it does not.  A truth does not require a scientific study before it becomes a truth.  This is a man made and false system of evidence which serves only the Pharmaceutical companies. 
What is easy to research is the behaviour and tactics used by the medical establishment.  If you look at the history of it all you find the American Medical Association for example was created as a means of protecting profits by none other than a Rockefeller who is well known to have dubious involvement in the corporate world with monopolies, the fraud of federal reserve banking, involvement with media dissemination to the public, just to name a few. The AMA and FDA in the USA maintain an equivalent style of control here in Australia via the TGA.
I know of a method of cancer cure for skin, breast and some other internal cancers which I have had first-hand involvement in which cures in weeks.  Yet the medical establishment have banned this for human use claiming it is a scam and dangerous.  I won't get started on cancer but in the words of the great two time Nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling "Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."
Did you know for example the medical establishment have attempted to restrict the access of the public to vitamins and nutritional supplements several times in recent years?  This is done under the guise of "protecting" us (when there has been 1 death attributed to such supplements in years – compared to 10,000 deaths in Australia each year from correctly prescribed and correctly consumed medicines, or 100,000 in the USA per year.) All they are trying to do is protect profits for their drug industry.  This is easy to see and easy to research.  Imagine the deterioration of the health of the public if we lose access to vitamin supplements!
Corporations enable individuals to separate themselves from immoral activities and still sleep at night.  This is how many businesses operate – look at the banks!
I hope I have left you with at least some curiosity to the fact you may not be able to believe all you hear from the medical establishment.  What have they cured in the last 100 years?  Nothing!  The only real cures in recent years have been attributed to things like Vitamin C for scurvy (and they resisted that for over a 100 years) and Vitamin B3 for Pellagra.
Once you get on the right track with this sort of thing you start to see through the lies of the world in which we live. 
I am happy to assist you further if you want to embark on a journey of truth and discovery.
Best regards
Cameron (Brisbane)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Salve Snippets

Hi All

First let me apologise for my absence. I allowed life to get in the way for quite some time. Funny how that can happen when topics on this blog would be my prime choice of the lifestyle I seek.

The good news is I am in the process of changing some things in my life so I can have a focus on wha is important to me.

I just wanted to mention some other success stories of recent times regarding salve. It is fantastic how word of mouth can extend to help so many people.

I do not have access to photos for these stories as they are only acquaintances of mine and want to keep a low profile.

1. A man with a large mole type thing on his arm applied the salve to it. There was no suggestion it was cancerous, but it was an eyesore and doctors had advised him if surgically hacked off it would leave a large hole and scar behind. Two applications of black salve later and a few weeks and it had been removed with hardly any wound to show for it.

2. A skin cancer site on a man's ear which doctors said would require removal of a large part of the ear for successful halting of the cancer growth. Black salve wins again with several eschars on his ear in the process of forming as I write this. What was great about this example was that the salve hunted down cancer in parts of his ear which would have been overlooked if the scalpel was used. Plus as per usual, there will be little in the way of scarring to follow since salve eschars heal beautifully.

3. Another man with a mole on his calf area. Aain not known if cancerous but the salve went to work and it has been removed easily and cleanly.

Now all the above are not cases I have been able to closely observe. However, all are worth reporting for obvious reasons.

I will be seeking to more actively assist people again with salve as the solution for skin cancer - and even some of the internal cancers we know it works with.

I am very much looking forward to this.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arthritis Help - By Request. Pain Free is Key to Happiness

Arthritis is an all too common ailment which is once again avoidable and reversible if it has not progressed too far.  How far is too far?  That depends on the person's overall heallth and what you are prepared to do to change it.

Bone health in general and another ailment such as osteoporosis will also benefit from the below comments.

Having said that, as always the nutrition to add to your diet is fairly simple.  It may be the foods I ask you to refrain from which are the challenge.  Nevertheless if you adopt my suggestions you should experience some fast relief.

I will summarise at the end with a supplement regime - with discussion of each along the way.

Avoid pasteurised dairy.  This subject deserves a whole post of its own.  In short for now, the calcium in pasteurised dairy has been altered and will form hard deposits in your body. Can you still have milk or cream in your coffee?  Yes maybe this will be ok, but please do not fall victim to the advertisements which push large glasses of milk and serves of cheese daily.  If you can access raw milk (which the establishment has made illegal for mass sale to people) then drink all you want as it is a live food not a dead food and is very good for you.

Do not take calcium supplements. These may give you a "bonus" of kidney stones as a by product for starters - but also arthritis.  Don't believe me?  Do the research for yourself and see what you find. 

Avoid soy products like the plague - see my other post.  Soy leaches calcium from the bones giving you a weak skeleton.

Avoid processed grains.  These leach calcium from your bones and cause a huge array of digestive issues etc.  This is a hard one since white flour is in almost every processed food.  At least avoid the easy ones to spot like bread, pasta, rices etc.  The only time grains are good for you is when they are prepared in the traditional manner which usually involves sprouting fresh grains etc

Avoid hydrogenated oils such as vegetable oil, canola, etc etc. Use coconut oils and butter for cooking and virgin olive for salads etc.  Processed oils are pro inflammatory and the enemy of arthritis.

Get plenty of vitamin D - some supplemental forms are ok - do your homework. Apart from that try to get 15 - 20 minutes of sun on your torso on a daily basis. This will assist with strong healthy bones.

Omega 3 fats - natures anti-inflammatory.  We are all so, so deficient in this amazing essential fat.  Good for your heart and good for your arthritis.  This time you can believe the advertisements - this stuff works!  One person I assisted in the past was in his late 40's and his fingers were starting to become so riddled with arthritis he could not straighten them and he told me he was unable to play golf anymore since he could not grip the club handle.  I gave him a 3 step strategy - one step was large doses of fish oil tablets. I saw him again 3 months later and he was over the moon - playing golf again and pain free. 

Magnesium - if you are deficient your body will again leach calcium from your bones.  Powdered supplements are best for this - but be sure to add it to your routine. I cycle mine with breaks between containers of magnesium until I buy some more and consume it again. BTW this supplement is great for headache sufferers if it is tension or muscular related.

Boron - This amazing mineral is one of the most important. It is required for proper metabolism and use of calcium in your bones.  Take the time to research Rex Newnham and Boron supplementation.  Incredibly this mineral was so effective at curing arthritis the establishment restricted its availability.  To get some you need to order in from New Zealand (this is legal).  I will include a source below.

There are a range of other minerals important for health when it comes to arthritis.

For quick relief and to make some encouraging progress I recommend the following strategy first of all. The man I spoke of above only did these three things for relief from his arthritis.  Omega 3 and Boron added to diet and grains removed - simple.

  • Remove processed grains (breads, pasta, rice) from your diet as much as possible. This will reduce inflammation.
  • Obtain a good Omega 3 supplement (fish oil is best if you can handle it), but otherwise use the gel capsules. Take 10 or so per day for the first 200 pills.  Yes 10!  Don't mess around with tiny doses of this superfood. Later reduce your dose to say 5 per day. 
  • Obtain a Boron supplement - Takapuna Health Store, Attn: Andrew Jones, Takapuna, New Zealand, NZ Phone/Fax: 64 9 486 1245, Email:
 Then, if you are really serious about your health - add the other strategies I discussed above and watch for the improvements in your health.

That is all for now.  If you implement the above and experience relief please let us know!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diabetes Reverser - Alpha Lipoic Acid

This one is my favourite anti-oxidant, also known as ALA. Scientifically it is a fat soluble and water soluble antioxidant which means it can get into all parts of your cells to work its magic.  It also means it is one of the few substances which can cross the blood brain barrier.  Benefits for the brain may include providing some protection from stroke.

Most amazingly, it is understood to be able to bring back the liver from the brink of disaster - and we only have one liver for life!

Apart from processing alcohol - the liver has a large part to play in helping our immune system and also digestion of fats. Two very important functions.  In short, it's primary function is an organ of detoxification - this means with today's poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins daily - it has its work cut out for us.

The recent rise to fame of ALA and its use as a natural therapy seems to be aligned with Dr Burt Berkson who had an interesting experience in 1977.  He was asked to take care of a couple who had eaten poisonous mushrooms and were probably going to die due to acute liver damage.  Not being prepared to stand by and watch them die (since modern medicine could not assist them) he made some enquiries with some of his colleagues. He established that ALA had shown promise in the past with improving liver function.

He thus provided some large doses via IV to the two patients.  What happened next?  They made a full recovery and their liver function rapidly returned to normal with no permanent damage.

Anyhow my interest was sparked in ALA when I heard of this story.  This lead me down a path of research and further discovery which pointed towards ALA benefits with neuropathy (nerve damage) and also diabetes for blood sugar control.

What does the science say?  ALA appears to enhance insulin signaling, helping to bind it to its receptors and increasing the ability of the cells to take in glucose — possibly lowering insulin resistance (the signature feature of Metabolic Syndrome).

This action makes ALA a great tool for  managing blood sugar. It’s hardly coincidental that in Germany, ALA is an approved drug for diabetic neuropathy, the painful degeneration of nerves in the arms and legs

I referenced some ALA studies to a very close relative of Kate's, who has type 2 diabetes, insulin controlled.  He was provided with some ALA in capsule form and commenced a daily dosage of 200mg per day.  What happened next was rather astounding.

His blood sugar level typically was around 9 units with spikes up to 12 common after some types of meals.  Immediately after his first day of ALA he experienced a drop in his blood sugar which remained low after meals - when usually it would have spiked. Readings of his sugar levels reduced over following weeks down to as low as 4 which is getting unsafe due to it being too low.

It has now been about 3 weeks and he has had to halve his insulin dose not once, but twice.  He is maintining supervision with his doctor while waiting to see where it all leads.  It looks like the next step may be to cease insulin and go to medication only.  Beyond that - I wonder is a cure possible from one little antioxidant pill in standard sorts of doses??  Time will tell.

If you want to give it a try.  How much? 100 mg should do for a basic protective dose, though some experts recommend anywhere from 100-300 mg. If you’re diabetic, have blood sugar problems or liver disease, a dose of anywhere from 300-1200 mg is likely to kick start your health.

Another failed attempt at a short post - anyhow, until next time.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing new to report...

Well, there seems to be no change at all today, apart from the redness subsiding some what. 

Thank goodness there was no more itching today, and it didn't wake me up in the night.

It looks as though there is no need for a second application which is good.

I have applied a 'healing cream', which I purchased from the naturopath, Adrian Jones.   The cream consists of Vitamin E, olive leaf extract, echinasea, and zinc.  I will apply it twice a day and see what happens.  This cream is great, but it's not available on his website as yet (I was lucky enough to purchase it at the seminar on Saturday).  Will let you know when it becomes available.  It's a great way of speeding up healing the skin. 

For now, I won't even bother to photograph my back because it's not all that different from yesterday :-)

Will let you know if there are any more changes.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well, it has now been almost 24 hours since I applied the black salve.

You can see in the pic that the salve has made the area red but no eschar so far.  No sooner had a I clicked 'publish post' last night, than the area began to itch like mad!  It even woke me up a couple of times in the night, and I was convinced something was happening.

But maybe not.

If nothing happens I will be relieved, as it will mean that nothing needs to happen.  So that will be good.  Either way, I'll be happy. 

Cam thinks the scar is a different colour now, so we shall see what tomorrow brings. 

Day one.
Off to apply some aloe vera to relieve this  i t c h!