Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here we go again...

Cam and I had the amazing opportunity of attending the 'An Answer to Cancer' seminar on the Gold Coast today.  This event was put on by the people who released the dvd, explaining all about black salve and it's amazing way of treating skin cancer.  I don't say this lightly, but it's even more than a treatment...this stuff is an actual cure.  Don't believe me?  Check out the dvd for yourself. 

It was wonderful to listen to both medical doctors, and naturopaths speak about the wonders of black salve, and other methods for fighting and preventing cancer. 

Anyway, Cam and I will both blog about the seminar experience and the key points we learned, at a later date.  It deserves more than just a brief mention. 

For now, I am going to focus on one thing.

I took the opportunity of speaking with naturopath, Adrian Jones, about the small scar left behind from my experience with black salve, last December.  I have been applying aloe vera religiously (mixed with DMSO so it gets straight where it's needed) but I was curious as there was a slight pink scar left behind.  I totally expected Adrian to tell me that it'd be fine in a month or two, but alas...he took a good look at it, and felt the area, and told me that it looked as though I'd need a second application. 

He explained that some more "aggressive" lesions need a second application of the salve, and that I was more than welcome to photograph it as it is now, and again after my second application, and email the results to him.  He'd then advise me what should be done, if anything at all.

How scary to think I almost did nothing about this mole, and originally put a small dab of black salve on it to see what would happen. 

So here we go again...another application, and hopefully this one shall be the last. 

Black salve was applied tonight, so now I have to sit back and let it do its thing for 24 hours.  This time around I will avoid the temptation of taking a squiz, and leave it covered until this time tomorrow night. 

This time around I won't be so stingy, and I will invest in some decent hypoallergenic dressings.  Last time I used il cheapo dressings and the allergic reaction (see first pic) was almost worse than the salve site! 

I will blog about the changes each day and keep you updated. 

Day 15 after the first application. 
You can see just how well it has healed
in the weeks since.

My scar as it is much better than just 6 weeks
ago, but still a little dodgy looking. 

The application of Black Salve.

 Until tomorrow,


  1. i have used this on 6 concerning points on my back. 2 points stung and after a week a dark scab fell off. bingo it worked. I am now using the salve on a possible carcinoma on my nose that has been an irritation for 3 months. i will also keep you posted. i am an acupuncturist but despite my beliefs will only recommend such a product that i have used and trialed on my self. lets see what happens and i will also keep you posted. adam

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