Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing new to report...

Well, there seems to be no change at all today, apart from the redness subsiding some what. 

Thank goodness there was no more itching today, and it didn't wake me up in the night.

It looks as though there is no need for a second application which is good.

I have applied a 'healing cream', which I purchased from the naturopath, Adrian Jones.   The cream consists of Vitamin E, olive leaf extract, echinasea, and zinc.  I will apply it twice a day and see what happens.  This cream is great, but it's not available on his website as yet (I was lucky enough to purchase it at the seminar on Saturday).  Will let you know when it becomes available.  It's a great way of speeding up healing the skin. 

For now, I won't even bother to photograph my back because it's not all that different from yesterday :-)

Will let you know if there are any more changes.

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