Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cancer is NOT a death sentence - It is just a wakeup call...

I love the title of this post.  Simple.  Yet controversial for the vast majority of persons who may read this.  So is it blind optimism that would lead someone like me to make that statement?  Well firstly I have to admit I stole that statement from a medical specialist recently.   Still, I love it and embraced it.  So, once again, is it blind optimism that leads me to repeat the statement or is it the culmination of the research I have done and the evidence I have reviewed or had first hand contact with?

In my first post in this blog series I spoke of how the medical industry makes all illness into a big mystery.  They complicate things, which is easy to do once you delve into the science of it all.  They also ignore many commonsense approaches too. I propose that health is simple - and that anyone with access to the right information can find an existing cure or figure out a cure for themselves - maybe for anything!

Many people will look at someone like me and say wait a moment - you, Cameron, claim to know how to beat  cancer when all the billions of dollars in research and the best minds in science in the world have failed for years! You, Cameron, must be an absolute nutcase, oout of your mind, delusional.

Well - if this was truly the case I would agree with you all.  However the truth of the matter - and yes I am all about truth - is that THEY are not really trying to cure cancer at all.   That comment applies to ALL disease - as all they want to do is treat people with expensive drugs to maximise profitability.  Don't believe me?   Well let me ask you this - when have THEY ever cured anything?  I cannot think of any disease they have cured offhand. 

Note that the biggest cures in the last few hundred years where achieved with vitamins - scurvy with vitamin C and one other which escapes me now but I will update later when I remember. How interesting. 

The cancer industry makes far too much money for a cure to ever be brought to market.  The model of business and profit could not sustain it.  If it were up to one person who could create the cure, bring it to market (knowing they would be out of a job thereafter, but very famous) and give it to the world it could perhaps happen.  But the establishment is not one person - and THEY control the way the model or the system works. Moreover, I can guarantee you that such cures would be natural substances like food or other nutrients and could not be patented so there would be no profit in it for the cure discoverer anyway.

Take black salve for instance.  Banned for human use by the establishment - why?  It is natural and cannot be patented, thus no profit and also they don't want to cure anyone.  Imagine the dermatologists who would be out of business.  In my research I have constantly found where there is something that really works it will be either restricted in its availability or banned for promotion as a treatment or a scare campaign mounted so that we all only are happy to take a small amount at a time (eg selenium and vitamin C).  Black salve works for cancer and I have had first hand contact with persons who used it to cure breast, thyroid, bowel, prostate and skin cancer. 

Back to me and the simple approach to health.  Cancer metabolism processes have been known since Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving cancer cells were anerobic - whereas all healthy cells are aerobic. (Of course the establishment call his dicovery a "theory" only when in fact it is easily proven. This allows them to have plausible deniability when they continue to ignore this approach for curing cancer)

This means we know how to kill the cancer cells or at least convert them back to a normal cell. Basically, starve it of oxygen and/or the acidic environment it thrives in.  Also, don't forget to starve it of the sugars it feeds on.

There are a number of powerful treatments for internal cancers based upon Alkaline therapy (eg DMSO and cesium chloride) which are fast acting and highly effective.

This whole cancer thing is just one big profit centre for the sickness industry.  Don't believe me? I am happy to debate this with anyone.  Where do you get your health info from?  The media?  They are in effect owned by multi-nationals and on the payroll of the sickness industry.  The doctors?  They are only allowed to offer mainstream conventional treatments - which are profitable, but hardly work or make the cancer worse. 

Take the Brisbane oncologist in a senior position who a couple of years ago sent his own daughter to germany for alternative treatment when she got cancer.  She was cured.   Again this information came to me first hand.

So in conclusion, if you receive that terrible diagnosis.  Stop. Pause and take a breath. Do not get caught up in the fear tactics that conventional medicine promotes - "Oh no you will have to book in for surgery NOW.  Or we need to start chemo NOW.  Step back and seek out some knowledgeable people and access some good information for yourself. 

I would never take the conventional route if I was ever diagnosed with the big C.

Maybe this blog will be my own little war on cancer - but unlike the cancer industry, I will win it.

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