Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Salve Snippets

Hi All

First let me apologise for my absence. I allowed life to get in the way for quite some time. Funny how that can happen when topics on this blog would be my prime choice of the lifestyle I seek.

The good news is I am in the process of changing some things in my life so I can have a focus on wha is important to me.

I just wanted to mention some other success stories of recent times regarding salve. It is fantastic how word of mouth can extend to help so many people.

I do not have access to photos for these stories as they are only acquaintances of mine and want to keep a low profile.

1. A man with a large mole type thing on his arm applied the salve to it. There was no suggestion it was cancerous, but it was an eyesore and doctors had advised him if surgically hacked off it would leave a large hole and scar behind. Two applications of black salve later and a few weeks and it had been removed with hardly any wound to show for it.

2. A skin cancer site on a man's ear which doctors said would require removal of a large part of the ear for successful halting of the cancer growth. Black salve wins again with several eschars on his ear in the process of forming as I write this. What was great about this example was that the salve hunted down cancer in parts of his ear which would have been overlooked if the scalpel was used. Plus as per usual, there will be little in the way of scarring to follow since salve eschars heal beautifully.

3. Another man with a mole on his calf area. Aain not known if cancerous but the salve went to work and it has been removed easily and cleanly.

Now all the above are not cases I have been able to closely observe. However, all are worth reporting for obvious reasons.

I will be seeking to more actively assist people again with salve as the solution for skin cancer - and even some of the internal cancers we know it works with.

I am very much looking forward to this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these stories Cameron and Kate!
    The world needs to hear more about how black salve can help them.

    Best in health,
    Rick for video and picture testimonials