Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arthritis Help - By Request. Pain Free is Key to Happiness

Arthritis is an all too common ailment which is once again avoidable and reversible if it has not progressed too far.  How far is too far?  That depends on the person's overall heallth and what you are prepared to do to change it.

Bone health in general and another ailment such as osteoporosis will also benefit from the below comments.

Having said that, as always the nutrition to add to your diet is fairly simple.  It may be the foods I ask you to refrain from which are the challenge.  Nevertheless if you adopt my suggestions you should experience some fast relief.

I will summarise at the end with a supplement regime - with discussion of each along the way.

Avoid pasteurised dairy.  This subject deserves a whole post of its own.  In short for now, the calcium in pasteurised dairy has been altered and will form hard deposits in your body. Can you still have milk or cream in your coffee?  Yes maybe this will be ok, but please do not fall victim to the advertisements which push large glasses of milk and serves of cheese daily.  If you can access raw milk (which the establishment has made illegal for mass sale to people) then drink all you want as it is a live food not a dead food and is very good for you.

Do not take calcium supplements. These may give you a "bonus" of kidney stones as a by product for starters - but also arthritis.  Don't believe me?  Do the research for yourself and see what you find. 

Avoid soy products like the plague - see my other post.  Soy leaches calcium from the bones giving you a weak skeleton.

Avoid processed grains.  These leach calcium from your bones and cause a huge array of digestive issues etc.  This is a hard one since white flour is in almost every processed food.  At least avoid the easy ones to spot like bread, pasta, rices etc.  The only time grains are good for you is when they are prepared in the traditional manner which usually involves sprouting fresh grains etc

Avoid hydrogenated oils such as vegetable oil, canola, etc etc. Use coconut oils and butter for cooking and virgin olive for salads etc.  Processed oils are pro inflammatory and the enemy of arthritis.

Get plenty of vitamin D - some supplemental forms are ok - do your homework. Apart from that try to get 15 - 20 minutes of sun on your torso on a daily basis. This will assist with strong healthy bones.

Omega 3 fats - natures anti-inflammatory.  We are all so, so deficient in this amazing essential fat.  Good for your heart and good for your arthritis.  This time you can believe the advertisements - this stuff works!  One person I assisted in the past was in his late 40's and his fingers were starting to become so riddled with arthritis he could not straighten them and he told me he was unable to play golf anymore since he could not grip the club handle.  I gave him a 3 step strategy - one step was large doses of fish oil tablets. I saw him again 3 months later and he was over the moon - playing golf again and pain free. 

Magnesium - if you are deficient your body will again leach calcium from your bones.  Powdered supplements are best for this - but be sure to add it to your routine. I cycle mine with breaks between containers of magnesium until I buy some more and consume it again. BTW this supplement is great for headache sufferers if it is tension or muscular related.

Boron - This amazing mineral is one of the most important. It is required for proper metabolism and use of calcium in your bones.  Take the time to research Rex Newnham and Boron supplementation.  Incredibly this mineral was so effective at curing arthritis the establishment restricted its availability.  To get some you need to order in from New Zealand (this is legal).  I will include a source below.

There are a range of other minerals important for health when it comes to arthritis.

For quick relief and to make some encouraging progress I recommend the following strategy first of all. The man I spoke of above only did these three things for relief from his arthritis.  Omega 3 and Boron added to diet and grains removed - simple.

  • Remove processed grains (breads, pasta, rice) from your diet as much as possible. This will reduce inflammation.
  • Obtain a good Omega 3 supplement (fish oil is best if you can handle it), but otherwise use the gel capsules. Take 10 or so per day for the first 200 pills.  Yes 10!  Don't mess around with tiny doses of this superfood. Later reduce your dose to say 5 per day. 
  • Obtain a Boron supplement - Takapuna Health Store, Attn: Andrew Jones, Takapuna, New Zealand, NZ Phone/Fax: 64 9 486 1245, Email:
 Then, if you are really serious about your health - add the other strategies I discussed above and watch for the improvements in your health.

That is all for now.  If you implement the above and experience relief please let us know!!