Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vaccine Debate or Debacle!

Hi all, I have recently revisited vaccination. I had already researched it some time ago now and satisfied myself vaccines are harmful, don't work, possibly cause the sickness in their receivers and are basically another big pharma fraud. I must say that even though I see the truth in the health industry quite clearly, even I sometimes get swept up in the mainstream lies. I sometimes have to further research topics to ensure I am correct in my belief natural cures are the only cures. The current issue I revisited was vaccines since my first baby girl arrived 3 weeks ago. Whilst avoiding most vaccines was a no brainer - Kate and I did sit on the fence for a while over the Whooping Cough vaccine. It is easy to get caught up in the fear with this one. WC is a scary illness and even if it is only a handful of kids that pass away due to the illness and it's complications, as a new parent let me assure you all that fear takes over Thus I set about refreshing myself with the research of this topic. Yes I looked at some science. Yes I looked at some news articles. Yes I looked at some forums to hear from people who have experienced good and bad with vaccines. It did not take long to decide NO to the WC vaccine. It also helped my peace of mind that I found a great natural treatment protocol from a GP who has jumped the fence. It involved vitamin c which the informed among you will know it is actually a potent miracle substance and not just the orange flavored lolly we view it as. Anyhow to wrap this up before I go on too much - I have two main points to make here. One. The vaccine topic is just as difficult to decipher as most other health confusion topics. I like to direct anyone who is trying to decide what is the truth to the bigger picture first. Learn the history of the FDA and the AMA, learn who is behind the current health industry model and follow the money. Profits come first. Cancer has many cures yet they are suppressed, eg black salve. The simple truth is that all diseases are perpetuated by the health industry to ensure maximum profits. Most studies are funded by the pharma companies and the results cannot be trusted. Why on earth would you trust vaccines. You can look even further abroad and find out for yourself the same people that are behind the fraudulent central banking systems are also behind the health industry lies. Two. I see the pro vaccine people out there are speaking up on forums and Facebook etc because they all want to protect their children from the silly cranks that don't vaccinate their kids. You can understand their motivation which is to protect their children and you should also note they are fear driven. Each of these motivations are very very strong, clearly. What about the anti-vaccine speakers? What is their motivation? They want to help others. So which of the two groups have the most noble position? Which of the two groups are more selfless and pure in their motivations? I hope you can follow me because there is a number of clear messages in that. Drugs do not cure. Nature is the only way to cure, give the body what it needs in nutrition and it heals itself. Vaccines do not offer any real level of protection. They most definitely harm at least some people. Oh and don't get me started on the SIDS side of things and the vaccine links. If you want to protect your children or yourself from diseases like WC then educate yourself very carefully and seek out the most effective natural cures you can find. Rely on nature to protect you if you embrace it's gifts of good food, vitamins and other supplements in you everyday lives.


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